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An introduction to eLearning

The world is moving ahead with eLearning processes, and Indian government has also taken an initiative to develop the rural areas through several campaigns. With the help of this plan (Smart Education with Smart eLearning) Paradiso Software Solutions has also taken a step ahead to put a contribution in the development of rural areas. This solution covers everything that is needed in any rural development program

What our eLearning solution comprises of

Smart Classroom

Smart classrooms consist of interactive whiteboards which allows you to project images and study material with editing access. It connects with any electronic device which has access to display like, laptops, projector, mobile, etc. These smart devices provide you with a screen touch facility which you can manipulate accordingly. This system provides an interface between teachers and students where they can interact, communicate, collaborate, and share their ideas on different topics or, on the other hand, it can be used in seminars for presentations on rural development ideas.

Here are some features you can avail,

  • It is time-independent, and students can enjoy learning.
  • Access to the coursework from anywhere at any time
  • Asynchronous discussion with classmates and teacher
  • Actually track your reports and growth online

AR/VR with Smart eLearning

Augmented and Virtual reality has revolutionized the entire education sector through smart learning tactics. Augmented Reality superimposes information in the form of sound, images, and texts which makes the entire content interesting which provokes a sense of learning. VR facilitates with amazing real-time experience and provides you a completely computer-generated world around, where you can explore the environment and you can even interact with it.

Here are some features you can avail,

  • It supports active Learning method
  • It can be a substitute for school laboratories
  • Simplifying automation, making Human-machine interface easy


The technique which allows users to learn with fun is called gamification. Gamification can be used anywhere to change the mechanism and make the education system more interactive and engaging. This process itself motivates users to emphasize productivity in a way to win the race. For instance gamification has introduced to the education system, where it allows students and teachers both to pursue study in an interactive way, and reduce unnecessary pressure of learning.

Here are some features you can avail,

  • It keeps you engaging and let you do your chores with more fun
  • It aids in physical development along with mental development
  • It is not limited to corporate offices, schools, etc.
  • It caters with instant feedback, which helps you enhance efficiency
  • Helps you create a better learning environment

eLearning Mobile App

The eLearning mobile app helps education centers to provide the simplest training support and solution for complex challenges. On the other hand, using mobile apps are very easy and can be accessed at any instance, it provides a better user-friendly experience. Businesses that provide training through mobile apps, formal and informal ways, eradicates the cost problem and generates new opportunities for mobile app developers. Moreover, students are indulging more in eLearning mobile apps for educational purposes, taking online learning classes, group discussions, etc.

The remarkable benefits of eLearning Mobile App are:

  • A strong competitive edge
  • Say goodbye to the skill gap
  • You can pick your choice of content
  • Suitable for both online and offline learning
  • Amplifies the learning skills and popular in millennials

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