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Open Source ERP capabilities


Maintain control in real-time of all your company’s cash flow. Our ERP has all the tools needed to manage the cash from transactions to full data reporting.

  • Real-time accounting experience
  • Accounts chart
  • Daily account manager and payments manager
  • Billing and Pricing
  • Invoicing
  • Banking
  • Customization Options
Open Source ERP capabilities - Accounting
Open Source ERP capabilities - HR & Payroll

HR & Payroll

Everything from the recruiting process to training and payment methods is under one single platform available on Open Source ERP to get a wide view of the employee’s information.

  • Recruitment
  • Data Management
  • Training
  • Payroll
  • Expense Management
  • Attendance and Leave Management
  • Customization Options


Paradiso ERP gives you full control of your assets, production chain, productivity or inventory with easy implementation and managing.

  • Production Management
  • Billing
  • Sub-contracting
  • Product Management
  • Inventory
  • Resources Manager
  • Customization Options
Open Source ERP capabilities - Manufacturing
Open Source ERP capabilities - Sales & Billing

Sales and Billing

Get the chance to take your productivity levels to the top without spending much by managing all sales, purchases, contracting and all new clients processes.

  • Sales dashboard
  • Items management
  • References and lots tracker
  • eCommerce
  • Templates
  • Marketing Tools
  • Receipts
  • Customer portal
  • Supplier portal
  • Invoicing
  • Customization


Improve your sales, close deals, grow customer trust among your clients with the CRM ability of Paradiso Open Source ERP.

  • Dashboard
  • Interactions
  • Sales Manager
  • Templates
  • Marketing assets
  • Customizations
Open Source ERP capabilities - CRM
Open Source ERP capabilities - Projects


Manage all projects online very smoothly. With Paradiso Open Source ERP you will get control of stuff like budget, tasks, deadlines and detailed information about every project.

  • Workspace
  • Task Manager
  • Chat
  • Storage
  • Email templates
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Time optimization
  • Customer dashboard
  • Customization options


Provide excellent customer service by adding the helpdesk feature. This tool handles everything you need from ticket manager, documentation, process automation, reports and much more.

  • Real-time insights
  • Ticket support
  • Customer access
  • Maintenance
  • Documents
  • Customization Options
Open Source ERP capabilities - Helpdesk
Open Source ERP capabilities - Asset Management

Asset Management

Maintain detailed information about your assets, their performance, production chains and that way increase effectiveness and productivity. Everything to help you run your assets with ease.

  • Asset lifecycle and Inventory
  • Asset Purchasing
  • Asset Selling
  • Asset Scrapping
  • Reports
  • Customization Options


Paradiso Open Source ERP comes with a content management feature to create, design and store your web presence, customization and very easy to adapt to your company’s increasing size.

  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Forms
  • Support Chat
  • SSO
  • Multilingual solution
Open Source ERP capabilities - Portal

Integrate your Open Source ERP with your preferred Apps

Open Source ERP extra Benefits

  • Monolith ERP System
  • 550+ Tables
  • Core Modules
  • Multi Domains
  • 100+ Countries
  • 200+ Contributors