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Custom CRM Software

Having a CRM that adapts to your business needs and does exactly what you need is now possible.

Completing a sale is just the beginning of a process that will extend to different departments within your company, with our custom CRM you will have all the necessary features to cover the sales cycle and build stronger customer relationships, besides streamlining your entire business process.

Get a CRM that does exactly what you need to expand your business.

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Best CRM Features 

Your custom build CRM will be equipped with key features.

Turn your prospects into customers and take customers one step further with the Paradiso CRM.

Paradiso Software's CRM system

A Custom CRM To Fit Your Business

The Paradiso CRM can be adapted to meet the particular needs of your business; in addition to the basic features of a sales CRM it will expand to integrate other business processes to the same platform, making it easy for your collaborators to do a better job and providing you with greater control of your processes.


Project Management

Make sure all your processes run smoothly with a 360º solution designed to take advantage of your business intelligence and all the data from the activity performed in the CRM.



Your team will always be aligned with the business needs with a training and onboarding platform that gathers real data from the CRM that can help you understand your customers needs.


Our system allows you to have all the contracts that result from the customers relations through the CRM centralized in one single place on the cloud and keep track of your performance.

Support Desk

Once your leads become customers and complete the CRM cycle, you can assure that you will be there whenever they need assistance thanks to our help desk platform with sophisticated ticketing.


E-Mail Marketing

You can go beyond the CRM and increase your sales with our integrated e-mail marketing feature, you will be able to guide your leads and clients throughout a neverending purchase cycle.



Data is one of your greatest assets and our platform allows you to create surveys to obtain valuable information that will give you a deeper understanding of what happens on your CRM.

The work doesn’t stop when the contacts become your customers and our CRM has everything you need to go further.