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Almost 70 per cent of the Indian population lives in villages. Therefore it is natural for ‘inclusive’ development, the Government must focus on them. Paradiso Software solutions in conjunction with the same focus has developed a full proof plan for SMART VILLAGE. The access to sustainable energy services acts as an agitator for development – enabling the provision of smart education and healthcare, employment generation and much more. This program covers everything that is required for the upliftment of a rural village. Right from education for children to building entrepreneurship for eligible youth it covers everything.

What comprises of Smart Village?

  • Entrepreneurship (Employment Generation)
  • Smart Sharing
  • Telemedicine (Healthcare)
  • Solar Power
  • eLearning Services
  • Smart Agriculture


Millions of artists work for crafts like pottery, painting, clothing, jewelry, carpentry, sculpting, etc) in India who still use traditional methods to sell their products. Farmers, on the other hand, find it hard to get wholesale bids for their produce, let them know, they reaching out to consumers to sell farm-fresh produce directly.

eCommerce portal plugs all these gaps by providing an easy to use eCommerce portal where sellers and consumers come together and get everything under one roof. Training too will be provided for customer service and basic communication skills. There are many other businesses which can be revamped, such as fish farming, agro & village tourism, gig economy (urbanclap, ola, bigbasket)

  • Ecommerce

○ From farm to families through ecommerce portal

○ Sell artifacts such as Pottery, Carpentry, Sculpting, etc

  • Agritourism

○ Rent out farm houses or tour of farms

  • Small business training
Entrepreneurship 2(1)
Smart Sharing 2(1)

Smart Sharing

The truth of the matter is, not every farmer can afford all the required agriculture equipments. They don’t even have a tractor. Moreover, farmers lend it from few who own them but that leads to uncertainty on the maintenance of the equipment and compromise on quality often leading to disappointment.

With Smart Sharing farmers can easily get access to all the equipments required with a few clicks on the mobile app. They can simply place an order and they will receive well-maintained equipment.

The best part is the app doesn’t stash agriculture equipment but a lot more.

It has normal equipments too, which one can use on a daily basis. Such as

  • JCB, Tractors
  • IoT Sensors, Drones
  • Laptop, Tablets
  • Vehicles Smart Sharing

Smart Agriculture

The success of farming normally depends on a plethora of factors on which farmers have little or no control such as soil conditions, temperature. precipitation etc. AI, Sensors & Drone technology, on the other hand, is a total game-changer. By gaining a vast pool of data, farmers can increase crop yields, save time, reduce expenses and act with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Some of the top features


  • Estimating soil condition
  • Predict crop yield
  • Planting future crops
  • Disease prediction
  • Agriculture spraying
  • Crop surveillance and much more…


  • PH level
  • Moisture
  • Temperature
  • Nutrients
  • Humidity


  • Image analysis
  • Precision Framing
Smart Agriculture 4(1)
Telemedicine (Healthcare)(1)


There is an acute shortage of qualified medical professionals in rural India hence there is a dire requirement to manage this issue efficiently Let’s Welcome Telemedicine, where video conferencing can be done to diagnose the disease using AI and a lot more.

  • AI machines which can self diagnose- Diabetic retinopathy
  • Mobile testing kits- BP, Sugar, ECG, Blood tests, etc.
  • Mobile Sensors
  • Video Call via phone

Solar Power

In today’s world, we believe electricity to be an essential resource, similar in importance to water, food, and shelter. Without it, people are marginalized. With it, people are empowered. But there are still villages with no or very little access to electricity. Solar power comes in as a savior for this situation.

Solar is known to all as a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite.

Solar energy solution not only powers a complete village but also many other things like,

  • Health centers
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Night lights
  • Internet cafes
  • Fuel stations
  • Repair shops Solar Power
solar energy(1)

eLearning Services

The real challenge with education in a village, is not the infrastructure but human resources. It’s a tough thing when there are classes and students but no teacher to teach the class. Paradiso tackles this challenge head-on with its award winning solution – Paradiso LMS.

This software assists in elearning and classroom training where teachers can move around different classes and still effectively educate and manage at the same time. Some of the top features of the LMS are,

  • Basic English reading
  • Tablet
  • Smart board
  • Video Conference
  • Use of schools in night for Adult education, skill development
  • Weekend school for smart 30 eLearning Services

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