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Paradiso eCommerce Platform

With our eCommerce platform, you will handle your business sales and offer your products from a complete software that will enhance the quality of your products or services. A unique piece of software for your company that can increase the levels of customer engagement, improve the sales processes and provide a channel to get a stronger web presence.

Do not hesitate when thinking to choose our eCommerce platform no matter if you are a single person that needs to offer its products on a web market, a small or medium company that seeks to increase their sales and productivity or a big enterprise that looks for a safe, reliable and fully customizable eCommerce software that adapts to their unique brand.


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Paradiso eCommerce Platform Features

Store Management

Our software for eCommerce includes a tool or function to manage your product store. It includes batch import and export functions, as well as options to manage product prices easily, templates, themes and more branding options.

Marketing and promotion tools

Our eCommerce site counts with online marketing promotions to make your visitors return. Our eCommerce platform provides options to create and manage discount coupons, create and manage the pricing, etc.

Shipping and delivery module

Depending on the type of products you sell, a shipping and delivery module may be necessary. Our eCommerce platform allows users to select between different types of shipping and delivery options, in addition to automatically calculating shipping costs.

Payment modules

This is one of the most important features in an eCommerce system since its goal is to get the payment for specific products or services. Consequently, the software for creating online stores of choice must include payment modules with support for the main platforms such as PayPal or Checkout.

Friendly with search engines

The SEO in eCommerce is not dead, in fact, it is very important for the positioning of an eCommerce site on the Internet. Consequently, the program to create online stores must be optimized for search engines, so that it is easier to index the pages and that consumers can easily find the site.

Adaptability to mobile devices

Given the growing importance of traffic coming from mobile platforms, it is very important that the platform on which you develop your store allows you fully responsive design and adaptable to small screens. In this way, you will have a store that offers an optimal experience from cell phones, tablets and other devices.

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Additional Features of our eCommerce Software

Fully Customizable Templates

Out-of-the-box fully customizable templates, that are modern and in-line with current design trends. Just what you need for your eCommerce website.

Integration Ready Architecture

CRM, Quickbooks, Mailchimp and many more. Practically, any of your existing technologies can be integrated with our e-commerce platform.

SSL Certificate Included

Secure the experience for your shoppers with SSL certificate. Let them feel safe, and know that their data isn’t going to fall into the wrong hands.

Scalable eCommerce

Scalability is a key consideration for any eCommerce platform. Reason, it should be capable enough to handle massive spikes in usage during seasonal swings.

Intelligent Shopping UX

Use of simple, uncluttered design with clear visual queues. Our bottom line is to build an online store that is easy for people to self navigate.

Cart Behaviour

Choose to redirect to online shopping cart page after a buyer adds an item to the cart. Set default currency and attach taxes based on buyer’s location.

Payment Gateways

Our eCommerce shopping cart integrates with many payment gateways like CCAvenue, Billdesk, Citrus Pay, Amazon Payments, Stripe,, PayPal etc.

Cloud Based eCommerce

A cost effective solution eCommerce website development needs. No hardware required and that immediately saves your business thousands of dollars.

Built-in Analytics & Reporting

Exhaustive reports to help you understand built-in sales, order, inventory and customer report while showing your products are faring.


Paradiso eCommerce is a platform fully secured and supported 24/7 for your businesses tranquillity!

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