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How thermal screening and detection helping mitigate unwanted viruses spread

With the emerging new behaviour, businesses are experiencing a need for the right tool to minimize the spread of infection and limit the spread of the virus. The one of a kind apparatus that can help distinguish, slow, and in the long run stop the spread of the virus causing undesirable sickness. While we await the arrival of clinically tested vaccines, technology plays an important role in suppressing the disease. To perceive continuing activities in any capacity during this pandemic, we will require necessary measures to help secure the well being of individuals in any circumstances.

One proposed solution is a low-cost thermal camera. Unlike other clinical perspectives, infrared (IR) thermography doesn’t require light or costly gear, and presents no prosperity hazards. Infrared radiation emitted from skin can be distinguished and utilized alongside data with the surrounding condition.

It evaluates the centre internal temperature level — which may demonstrate that somebody is having a temperature or a typical early side effect of virus spread. Paradiso caters to you with the temperature thermal camera to optimize the situation and control the spread of the unwanted virus and disease flow.

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Features we offered with Temperature Thermal Camera

Temperature Screening with Access Control

Paradiso temperature thermal camera is a blend of fever detection and facial recognition capacities in an independent tool. It offers safe screening to employees and visitors before entering the premises or settings. On the off chance that an anomalous temperature is detected, the framework sets off an alarm, or denies access while utilizing the Paradiso thermal access control system.



Advanced Facial Algorithm

Advanced Facial Algorithm Camera based on AI

Paradiso temperature thermal camera provides a sophisticated facial recognition setting for face tracking; the system focuses on face temperature detection to ensure accurate measurements. It also minimizes false readings, for instance, if a person carrying a coffee, tea, or any hot beverage passes through the deployed temperature thermal camera setup. A set alarm function notifies the abnormal temperature to reduce the risk of unwanted events.

The camera receives the most developed programmed temperature with calculative rectification along with most recent AI that precisely quantifies the face temperature of visitors and representatives progressively.

Wireless 2-3m Operating Distance with Multiple Face-Detection

Engineered with state-of-the-art sensor technology, temperature thermal camera’s temperature detection distance is up to 2-3 meters. It can precisely distinguish facial temperatures of numerous individuals without a moment’s delay, with an exactness of ≤0.3ºC. In this, you can set a temperature discovery run up to 3 meters for ideal use of the tool.

It is a perfect temperature thermal camera for observing internal temperature levels at passages to occasions, transport centre points, and structures.
Paradiso low-cost thermal cameras can detect multiple faces simultaneously, which significantly increases the traffic efficiency by reducing queuing time.



Receive Data

Receive Data Remotely

The integration of temperature thermal camera into your system will permit CCTV framework clients to remotely get information concerning the body temperature. Apart from this, there is a setup for responses and announcements(e.g. showing alarm, SMS, notifications, or emails) in case of detection of any person running with a fever or excessive body temperature.

Application of Temperature Thermal Camera

  • Spa centres and salons
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Foodservice facilities
  • Doctor’s Offices and Dentist Clinic
  • Nursing Homes and other Accommodation
  • Retail Facilities
  • Corporates, malls, and separate working place Entrance
  • Small Businesses of all kinds
  • Warehouses, factories, and Manufacturing Units
  • Apartments, Condos, and High Rises

 Some benefits of Temperature Thermal Camera

  • Accurate temperature measurement, safe and effective
  • Non-contact screening, fast pass
  • Multi-person measurement, efficient access
  • Visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking
  • Non-mask detection for the intelligent control
  • Easy Installation

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