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What is an Open Source CRM?

An open-source CRM is a software that uses a programming code whose source is freely available and public for use. Paradiso Open Source CRM can modify the original design for free and therefore gives organizations full control over the CRM solution to develop and adapt it freely to their particular needs.

However, open-source does not imply that the CRM system is free or free of weak points. it’s necessary to have the internal resources to implement, develop and maintain the software and hardware necessary for its operation. This implies that your company must be prepared to carry out all the work and have specialized personnel in said software, or else, have a great partner, like Paradiso Solutions, to ensure the success of your CRM software implementation.

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Paradiso Open Source CRM Features


Get all the information, features, data and evolution process of your customers in one place. Our CRM dashboard is fully customizable to match your company’s branding and specific necessities.


Manage and analyze all your customers and clients data easily with our Advanced Report feature that is fully customizable and able to drop out data about different parts of the sales process, the performance of the platform or the effectiveness of the strategies.

Custom CRM

Customize your Customer Relationship Manager as you want to give it a look and feel according to your company branding theme. Also, get the chance to choose your own features as needed, get precise and customized data or adapt your CRM platform to match the different necessities of your company’s branches.

Single Sign-On

Easily connect with other software platforms like HR or LMS with smoothness thanks to the Single Sign-On feature. You won’t have to worry about remembering multiple passwords or accesing several platforms to navigate.

User Sync

We understand that using multiple platforms can be a headache. With the user sync feature of Paradiso CRM, you will be able to manage and store all the information of your customers/employees to be available in all the platforms that you integrate it with.

Sales Process Automation

With Paradiso CRM all the process from lead acquisition to the final deal closing could be automated and tracked. The CRM will provide a guideline so that your sales team can handle all the information that keeps coming as the sale goes on.

Lead Management

CRM is the perfect tool to provide the best customer service. With our software, your sales team will be able to manage, arrange and follow the process with every potential client. Plus, the lead manager can be used as a form to analyze the kind of market you’re reaching and the effectiveness of the strategy.

Email templates and marketing

Get your marketing strategy ongoing with Paradiso CRM platform. You will be able to provide tailored marketing pieces to your customers according to their behaviour and that way male a more effective and engaging process.


Close the contracts easily with our CRM system. This tool is available to emit bills and create them fulfilling every company’s specific necessities. You can get branding, with a fully customizable tool that will let you manage every part of the billing process.

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Benefits of Open Source CRM for companies

  • Absence of licenses.
  • Total freedom to modify the code to your liking.
  • Great customization possibilities.
  • Unlimited users without monthly charges
  • Continuous improvements of the source code.
  • Community support
  • Access to new community developments.
  • Resource savings


Which companies should use Open Source CRM?

Open-source CRM is used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations, in all markets. However, there is a clear organizational profile that can take full advantage of these developments with minimal investment.

We talk about large or small companies that have a strong development team and therefore can get to work on them from the first minute.

Why implement an Open Source CRM in your company

If you have internal IT skills and enough system architecture capacity, these types of solutions can save you a great deal of money, while improving the relationship management with your customers.

Although the Open Source philosophy is based on the concept of doing it yourself, it is easy to hire third parties, such as Paradiso, to manage, host or modify the applications of your CRM software.

Above all, when we opt for a source solution we expect that has a large development and support community. In addition, these developer communities are continuously launching applications and improvements that you can take advantage of for free.

After implementing a CRM system businesses have seen their revenue increase up to 41 % and you can do the same.


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