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Our 360 degree Security solution

With AI speeding up processes in every field, law enforcement too is not left behind. With features like facial recognition, face detection, loud sound detection it is imperative that AI had to be part of security services globally. This new cutting-edge technology helps people understand it better and keep society safe and secure.

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Security Services Modules

License Plate Recognition

To organize a fully controlled car access simply, add license plates to the database, create their “black” and “white” lists and trigger an alarm, notification accordingly when a vehicle enters

the specified premise.

Thanks to the License Plate Recognition module with the help of this feature you can avail following options:

  • Ensure automatic admission of vehicles that have permission to enter, and control the time they stay in the territory
  • Prevent the entrance of unauthorized vehicles
  • Register license plates of wanted cars

Thus, you can ensure the safety of your employees and reduce staff costs.

Abandoned Object Detection

There is a possibility of left out objects, bags, or any other stuff, to prevent terrorist attacks and to eliminate the threat to life and health of people. Abandoned Object Detection has provided with the facilities, with which you can go tension free by simply specifying the area to search for the abandoned object on the camera image based on duration of object location in the zone.

Through the use of the Abandoned Object Detection module you can explore several benefits, which definitely make you feel safe:

  • Prevent possible terrorist attack
  • Promptly inform people in the danger zone for their subsequent evacuation and rescue
  • Identify the person who left the object

Thus, you can save the lives and health of many people, avoid grave property loss. You can also help to neutralize a perpetrator.

Smoke and Fire Detection

To avoid victims, loss of property and disasters caused by fires.

In case of detection of “Smoke” or “Fire” events, you receive an immediate notification to your monitor, phone or email. Even better, you do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day.

This can be used not just in offices but also in,

  •   Malls
  •   Prisons
  •   Theaters
  •    Government facilities
  •    Public Transport stations
  •    Smart city etc.

Face Detection

To avoid threats to life and health of people you can avail them with the face detection application, it captures all the faces which get into the field of vision of the camera at one go and the best part is you don’t even need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day.

There are some benefits of face detection module:

  • Receive a notification when a person appears in a prohibited area Receive a notification when a designated employee is absent at his/her workplace
  • Generate reports about the persons whose presence was detected, indicating the detection time
  • Save detected faces in JPG format

Thus, you can prevent the occurrence of grave dangers and even disasters in the operation of the critical infrastructure attributed to human factors.

Suspect Search

With a suspect search module you can easily keep a track of lost belongings and persons, it mainly used to prevent and investigate offenses, to find lost children in a large building.

You don’t have to spend time searching for frames with the right person in the video archive. With the Suspect Search module, you

can reconstruct the route of this person in minutes in order to establish his/her location.

This will allow you to:

  • Quickly find a child lost in a shopping center and return him/her to the parents
  • Quickly find a suspected offender and dispatch security forces to neutralize him/her

Loud Sound Detection

To respond promptly to force majeure events, accompanied by a loud sound. When the sound pressure level detected by the camera microphone exceeds the preset value, you receive an immediate notification to the monitor, phone or email. As soon as the reset sound pressure level is detected, the video recording to the archive starts automatically.

With the use of Loud Sound Detection module you can explore;

  • Identify the source of danger
  • Stop the production or service process if necessary

Thus, you can ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, and minimize damage to property.

Crowd Monitoring

Just specify the areas of the frame in which monitoring needs to be performed and set two different types of quantitative levels: “Attention” and

“Alarm”. If one of the levels is exceeded, you receive an immediate notification to the monitor, phone or email.

With Crowd Monitoring module, you can:

  • Dispatch security forces to prevent mass unrest on the territory under your control
  • Make adjustments to the work of staff that serves visitors

Thus, you ensure the safety of your visitors and reduce your reputational risks.