Open Source ERP Software Comparison

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Open Source ERP Software Comparison

Odoo ERP

Odoo is an ERP that contains a set of related commercial applications. It is useful for project management, warehouse, electronic commerce, inventory management, billing, accounting, purchasing and manufacturing. Odoo allows a continuous exchange of information between its modules. It will help you automate your business process efficiently.

It has a free trial option to be tested before making a decision.

As for its price modalities are:

Odoo offers a free application for unlimited users and specifically being free as long as you don’t install new applications.

Also, they offer a free trial for users who want to use more than one application. Once the trial period ends, you must pay a monthly fee to access the applications to create a website, automate the transfer process, run a CRM, etc.


ERPNext is a business management solution designed to replace an obsolete and expensive patented ERP implementation. It includes modules for finance, accounting, CRM, purchasing, sales, inventory, manufacturing, electronic commerce, medical care and education.

ERPNext allows you to stay informed and fact-based, allowing you to make timely decisions for your company.

Some of the most notable features of ERPNext are:

  • It allows you to keep a record of all invoices, payments, budgets and expenses.
  • Understand the quantity and availability of products in stock.
  • Track your key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Identify open customer inquiries.
  • Manage employee payrolls and also assign tasks and follow up.
  • Maintain a database of all your clients and clients.
  • Decide the effective selling price based on products.
  • Remind you of your scheduled maintenance date.
  • Publish your website.

ERPNext is designed for small and medium businesses. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The whole set of applications is easy to configure, configure and use.


Metasfresh is an Erp designed to serve SMEs and agencies. It offers integral solutions designed for Windows. This Erp system offers features such as financial management, order management, supply chain management, accounting integration, reports/analysis in one place.

Metasfresh has features such as management units and attribute management. It is used in wholesale and manufacturing companies that are looking for great flexibility and high performance in data processing and mass document creation. Among its most outstanding features is the module of sales and acquisitions, CRM, manufacturing, billing, accounting and much more.

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is an open-source product for the automation of ERP business processes, with CRM, E-Commerce, SCM, among others. It works as a set of applications designed for companies and includes a variety of main modules from which a variety of characteristics of each type of program are displayed.

With Apache OFBiz, users can manage product and catalogue management, promotion and price management, supply chain compliance and contracts, billing and payments, all from one place.

Paradiso Open Source ERP

Our Open Source ERP is a solution for modern users. This Free-code software is the best ally to run all your company assets, manage budget and much more. The best part? You have at disposal the entire code of the platform for you to customize and create your own ERP system that adapts to the size of your company.

Also, we have developed a really easy-to-use platform, with features showed in the dashboard as a series of apps, designed for those people that might not have the time or the knowledge to deal with more technical kind of software.

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    Best Open Source ERP capabilities


    • Real-time accounting experience
    • Accounts chart
    • Daily account manager and payments manager
    • Billing and Pricing
    • Invoicing
    • Banking
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - HR & Payroll

    HR & Payroll

    • Recruitment
    • Data Management
    • Training
    • Payroll
    • Expense Management
    • Attendance and Leave Management
    • Customization Options


    • Production Management
    • Billing
    • Sub-contracting
    • Product Management
    • Inventory
    • Resources Manager
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Manufacturing
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Sales & Billing

    Sales and Billing

    • Sales dashboard
    • Items management
    • References and lots tracker
    • eCommerce
    • Templates
    • Marketing Tools
    • Receipts
    • Customer portal
    • Supplier portal
    • Invoicing
    • Customization


    • Dashboard
    • Interactions
    • Sales Manager
    • Templates
    • Marketing assets
    • Customizations
    Open Source ERP capabilities - CRM
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Projects


    • Workspace
    • Task Manager
    • Chat
    • Storage
    • Email templates
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Time optimization
    • Customer dashboard
    • Customization options


    • Real-time insights
    • Ticket support
    • Customer access
    • Maintenance
    • Documents
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Helpdesk
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Asset Management

    Asset Management

    • Asset lifecycle and Inventory
    • Asset Purchasing
    • Asset Selling
    • Asset Scrapping
    • Reports
    • Customization Options


    • Responsive Design
    • SEO
    • Blogging
    • Forms
    • Support Chat
    • SSO
    • Multilingual solution
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Portal

    In Paradiso, we attend your requirements and understand that making a choice is no easy task.Let us guide you through the desition making by setting up demos with some of the ERP companies in the market that could suit you and choose Paradiso, the best open-source ERP NOW!


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    Open Source ERP extra Benefits

    • Monolith ERP System
    • 550+ Tables
    • Core Modules
    • Multi Domains
    • 100+ Countries
    • 200+ Contributors

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