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What is On-premise Web Conferencing Software

On-Premise Software requires only one time perpetual license fee, these systems are much easier to modify. The installation can be done locally on organizations own computers and servers. On-Premise Web Conferencing Software is suitable for all mid-sized, startups, and larger enterprise businesses with accountable budgets.

Paradiso also deals with the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software, which is a video conferencing tool offering more than just face-to-face interactions. This best-in-class On-Premise web conferencing software, that lets users share their screens, create and have parallel breakout room sessions, chat via text, exchange files, communicate via digital whiteboards, and even broadcast conferences to large groups of passive viewers.

On-Premise Web Conferencing Software Offers

Interactive Whiteboard

A whiteboard is one of the most important organizing features in a Web-World, whether offline or online. Paradiso presents you with the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software service where you can write, annotate, explain, brainstorm, and collate ideas using a whiteboard. Our whiteboard feature is already integrated with the reforming facilities that meet all your requirements. We make it more interactive to enhance the learning experience for users and provide editing and record facility. This interactive whiteboard can also be turned into a multi-board by the presenter at any instant which allows the members to interact with the whiteboard from their screen.
You won’t face any limitations while using whiteboards, it’s a daunting tool for the corporates to conduct webinars and virtual meetings. It also helps to create new opportunities and enhance the intellectual level of respective employees and other team members as well.


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Multiple Screen Sharing

Paradiso provides Highly intuitive HD screen sharing which gives instructors the possibility to share their screens which can be easily switched between multiple screens. Our On-Premise Web Conferencing Software also gives you the ability to select a screen area for sharing instead of the complete screen. Not only the presenter or the moderator but participants’ screens too can be shared with everyone. This, in turn, increases the engagement between the other participants and invites everyone for a healthy discussion and collaboration. Sharing your screen and data through this feature keeps your meeting and data safe with your own server.

Breakout Rooms

We dealt with the issue of privacy (data theft, and script manipulation), Paradiso’s Breakout Rooms are enriched with the facilities such as providing a separate room or group enrolled with several users. You can add random users related to your project and you can even chat, share audio, video, or any documents with them thoroughly in these Breakout Rooms. Additionally, the presenter can create as many rooms as needed in their own server. This feature adds an extra qualification and professionalism to the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software in the walk of business success.



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Live Recording

Most webinars, nowadays, offer live recording features but the flip side is that recording happens on your device. This means it consumes your internet bandwidth and the quality of the live streaming more likely goes for a toss. Keeping this thought in mind Paradiso helps you with the advanced On-Premise Web Conferencing Software. It offers on-premise server recording capabilities that do not interfere with the live lecture streaming and the end-user experience. Rather the lecture is captured on the backend at the servers of your on-premise server and is available for viewing immediately after the class is over.

Sessions are broadcast in HD, and with Paradiso’s, on-premise platform webinars or conferences can be recorded, so it can be accessed later as well. The data that gets transferred between the two parties is done over a secure sockets layer (SSL) so that the data doesn’t get tempered. The files are stored with top-grade secured infrastructure to manipulate the threat.

Private and Group Video Call

Taking security reasons into consideration, we at Paradiso cater to you with the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software, which allows you to conduct private and group video calls as per the need.
It is independent of location and the device, you can connect wherever, whenever you want. In a group video call, it allows you to choose a separate space on a screen, and, on the other hand, you can add unlimited participants to your group list.


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Shared Note

We at Paradiso caters to you with the service to share data/notes in the confined atmosphere or to the other group publicly. You can easily track all the records and map the shared notes that can be used at any instance for training and other purposes.
You usually need to take notes for a meeting, whether it’s about tracking attendees, remembering what was discussed, or listing action items. This feature of the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software allows you to take private notes or add shared notes that you can co-edit with participants. You can also add notes to the meeting request, or while you’re in the meeting room.

Upload Presentation

Counting it in a different note, the webinars fairly depend on (Documents, audio, and videos) and other files in different formats. With Paradiso’s On-Premise Web Conferencing Software Service, we allow users to upload or download the presentation data and the slides related to the projects accordingly. It enhances the engagement of employees and keeps them updated towards the respective projects.


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Polling Option

Make your webinars more engaging with polls and votes features within the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software. Here, you can create polls with yes/no or rating from 1-10 questions and let the users vote. The results can then be stored and viewed as pie-chart. The entire process is scrutinized by every user and they can make their decision on behalf of rating or public poll. It also shows the growth rate of each software participated and creates a positive ambiance of competition.

Multiple Status Option

To raise the bar of the virtual world, Paradiso has introduced a very interesting feature in the format of the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software. Our Multiple Status Options allows the users to react or set their status for each task separately. Suppose, in a meeting if any employee or team member encounters any issue so that he/she can put status and inform the responsible members, and the status itself can be seen by every participant. This feature provides the liberty to enhance interaction between the groups to resolve the problem at one shot.


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Group Chat

To enhance the enthusiasm and teamwork within the employees and other teams member On-Premise Web Conferencing Software allows the user and its group to have a private or public chat consensually. The advancement of group chat provides the facility to share data and record or take screenshots of the conversation. In a group chat, users can divide the sections/groups according to the chores or projects and operate it accordingly. You can even download the chats and discussions for future references that are stored in the Companies secured server system.

Some Important Benefits of On-Premise Virtual Classroom Platform

Strengthens Relationship with Clients

Due to Web Conferences, companies get more chances to interact with their clients. Collate with partners, inform promptly about any details, keep in touch easily and continuously and, as a result, build strong, long-term relationships with them.



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It helps you Save Time

Without the need to travel, staff can spend the working time being productive, showing that more will be performed in less time. This is a big benefit of utilizing the On-Premise Web Conferencing Software. It is a big deal also because while clients and executives are demanding and outcomes are anticipated fast. On-premise web conferencing software assists to enhance workers’ efficiency because the technology that operates it creates possibilities for employees to get contact with people all around the world.

Interview through Video Call

It’s not necessary to have only an audio call, the trend is changing and adapting robust technology to boost the economy and productivity as well. Paradiso with On-Premise Web Conferencing Software provides the facility to host your interviewee and employees with video calling, through which you can conduct personnel or group interviews to settle the hiring processes. This video calling helps you bring your guests and audience together to create a better, enriched live session.



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Employee Onboarding

It provides proper hosting of a live training session for onboarding for new hires to the company. On-Premise Web Conferencing Software allows you to train them on a particular software for better understanding, and simply welcome them into the company. You can conduct a live session of a single or a group of new employees to interact and solve their potential issues regarding the company’s norms and processes.

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Paradiso’s On-Premise Web Conferencing Software is one of the best web conferencing software available. It has all the tools needed to amaze your leads with smooth demonstrations. We also provide the right infrastructure for your marketing. Analytics, integrations, high-converting registration pages, automated transactional, and reminder emails everything is in place to ensure more people show up to your product demonstration webinar.


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