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How is GIS Property Survey helping the government overlay the businesses with more profitability assurance?

In recent years, Geographical information systems (GIS) have been subjected to continuous and rapid advancement, like other facets of information technology. This has resulted in fulfilling the entire demand of digital data of land surveys to be delivered in a GIS format which also creates a need for many land surveyors to build and maintain a GIS department. Such departments are expensive to maintain in a highly competitive market where GIS talent is relatively scarce and financially difficult to obtain or manage. These would benefit from new, inexpensive methods and procedures for delivering their spatial data along with the associated attributes and metadata. Paradiso provides a software package that delivers such methods that would obviate the needs of the land surveyors and departments.

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    GIS Survey says

    Geographic information is the key to better decision-making. It helps the government with GIS Property Survey technology to smoothen operations and services for citizens. It also helps track and record activities for a better understanding of government schemes and perform analysis that leads to better decision making.


    GIS data systems are also responsible for budget preparation and project management to proactively develop opportunities for data process improvements. GIS  Property Survey helps develop wider relationships with the spatial industries, which open doors to future innovation and productivity gains.

    GIS Survey Services

    Property and Utility Mapping

    Paradiso’s extensive services and GIS Property Survey covers the entire spectrum of property and utility mapping with the help of drone mapping systems. We match-up the confined data with the municipal database for the better results in favour to the municipal corporations. This mapping process provides certain information regarding unauthorized additional structure, illegal construction, and residential use of commercial places. Regardless, property and utility mapping is important for anthropology surveys and topographical mapping that could lead to better infrastructure designs.


    Surveying the Electrical Infrastructure

    Overhead or underground power lines and grid systems can be efficiently studied and errors can be avoided with the help of Paradiso’s electrical infrastructure surveying. Our GIS surveying services can clearly distinguish between industrial power lines and domestic lines. We deliver an accurate GIS Property Survey of a location’s electrical infrastructure through detailed maps indicating the geospatial disposition of existing and proposed electrical infrastructure. Using customer details and electrical system network, we survey unique customer locations for an electric utility.

    Fiber Optic Cable Layouts Surveying

    Paradiso has been involved with full-fledged projects in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the layout structure of fiber optic cables. We can boost the efficiency of Fiber Optic Cable Layouts by accessing vast amounts of publicly available geospatial data and historic data easily. We use geographic information systems (GIS) mapping software, aerial imaging, and CAD software applications (e.g. AutoCAD MAP, AutoCAD Civil 3D) to facilitate visualization and planning of new fiber optic infrastructure projects and route adjustments. As a result, GIS Property Survey capabilities are becoming more relevant for fiber network development as operators need visual representations of their networks that they can easily maintain.


    Mobile LiDAR Data Processing

    Mobile lidar (also mobile laser scanning) is when two or more scanners are attached to a moving vehicle to collect data along a path. These scanners are almost always paired with other kinds of equipment, including GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) receivers and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) motion sensors. One such example is surveying streets, where power lines, exact bridge heights, bordering trees, etc. all need to be taken into account. Instead of collecting each of these measurements individually in the field with a tachymeter, a 3D model from a point cloud can be created where all the required measurements can be taken into record, depending on the data collected. This eliminates the problem of omitting to take a measurement, making it reliable, and accurate.

    Distometer, Graphical Representation, and Mobile App

    Paradiso’s distometer uses electronic distance measurement technology, which is commonly used in the surveying industry. However, it is small, light, and can be easily moved in a pocket. It is a Laser Distance measuring tool that sends a pulse of laser light to the target and measures the time it takes for the reflection to return.

    Paradiso offers many different services in GIS Property Survey with geographical locations for the government projects and other business deals. This section purely focuses on the government land surveying to uproot the illegal and unauthorized land and infrastructures. 

    We use graphical representation to highlight the required areas needed to come under surveillance. There is also an option for mobile application, which allows the user to track or map the given data accordingly. By the use of mobile applications one can easily complete the survey with the integrated drone for a better survey experience.


    The Benefits of GIS Property Survey

    A primary benefit of GIS Survey is the ability to make better decisions. Developers and others have access to data that impacts planned locations and designs, helping them to “see” how well the project meshes with the existing environment including zoning restrictions, utilities, and community resources.


    GIS also provides reliable record retention.

    • The system contains historical data, documents, and maps to use as a basis for project feasibility.
    • Accurate background information, easily accessed, leads to more options for completing a project while addressing concerns from multiple stakeholders.
    • The GIS can store as-builts, updated base maps, and current data from recently completed projects, so future planning is simplified

    Reasons why Surveyors Use GIS Property Survey Tools?

    Surveyors perform several activities.

    • They determine, measure, and represent land, 3D objects, point fields, and trajectories.
    • They assemble and interpret land and geographically related information and use it for planning and efficient administration of land, sea, and structures.
    • They conduct research and development practices.

    In other words, surveyors gather a lot of data. Moreover, they need a way to quickly and easily access and manipulate it. That’s where the GIS comes in.

    How it all works

    • Inception and Contract
    • Research and GIS Data Collection
    • Data Processing/ Conversion
    • Data Analysis
    • Quality Assurance
    • Final Correction
    • GIS Data Submission

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