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Enter the world of Internet of Thing to explore the digital transformation

Today we are living in a world where we have more Internet-connected things than humans. It includes wearable devices to smart home appliances, which is making human life easier than ever. With the help of IoT, we can learn more and explore the advancement of technology. There are so many different sectors, where IoT is sprawling its legs and nearly everything is connected to it. We can discuss different sectors where IoT is providing facilities to make things feasible to others.

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    Applications of IoT

    IoT Cloud Solutions

    IoT has put up a strong attempt to make physical objects digital and bring them online, to communicate and act smartly with little or no human intervention.

    The concept of Internet of Things depends on IoT platforms to enable provisioning, management, and automation of smart objects within a given IoT infrastructure. Generally speaking, each IoT environment is an amalgamation of technologies by various vendors that form a complex and inherently diverse ecosystem. It provides a platform for all the connected devices and serves to collect and handle data delivered.

    • Facilitates data integration
    • Provide Scalability with Business Continuity
    • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
    • Minimal IT Support Staff
    • Provides High-Level Security and Accessibility
    IoT Cloud Solutions
    Parking Occupancy Sensor

    Parking Occupancy Sensor

    Searching for parking space is much more painful than ever and for that reason, many park their vehicles on the road and other places, which results in traffic jams and vehicle blockage. Parking Occupancy Sensor is a great solution to overcome this issue, it is an electronic device installed in parking areas that automatically detect the vacant space for parking. We can also download the app to manage our parking or just check the availability. This sensor will help management to eradicate unnecessary problems and provide the best facility to their customers. The benefits we can avail are:

    • Get real-time occupancy notification
    • Low maintenance and long-life battery
    • Weatherproof with indoor/outdoor application modules
    • Help navigate the users to vacant spots

    Smart Waste Management

    The environment is dealing with a huge garbage mountain but the Internet of Things has managed to reduce the issues with smart waste management systems. In this whole process, the traditional way of garbage collection is replaced by sensor-enabled bins in a sophisticated manner. These sensor-enabled bins can be tracked at any instance to manage waste at ease. The Internet of Things has also contributed to the recycling management of waste material and energy production through respective machinery.

    Here are some of the benefits of Smart Waste Management Implementation:

    • The smart bins automatically indicate waste level, and send an alert to their responsible teams and center
    • Improved sanitation and encourage people to make surrounding eco-friendly
    • Reduced amount of CO2 generation and help environment go-green
    Smart Waste Management
    Smart Waste Management

    Smart Agriculture

    Farming has seen a number of technological transformations and have welcomed them happily too. In the last couple of decades agriculture has become more industrialized and technology driven by using many gadgets for sowing,irrigation, and many more field related operations. Introduction to IoT adds an advancement in smart agriculture. It has many facets, like it helps you predict the crop production according to the quality of soil and moisture present. It also assists in giving ideas on crop type to cultivate based on data collected. There are many application of smart agriculture that includes:

    • Monitor crop production
    • Assistance in end-to-end field management
    • Green-house automation
    • Optimize the end results and predicts the circumstances based on weather condition

    Smart Homes and Cities

    The Smart Homes concept has the ability to improve on costs and efficiency not just for those, building and designing houses, but also for those living within them. In the not-to-distant future, we’re more than likely to see our homes hooked into the wider smart city network, all interconnected and working together to the benefit of all.

    This is an era of technology where IoT plays a prominent role connecting the real world to the digital world. IoT is putting efforts making smart cities more reliable and eco-friendly for the future.

    Now, the idea of “Smart Cities” has been proposed as the future of urbanism. Smart cities bring together infrastructure and technology to improve the quality of life of citizens and enhance their interactions with the urban environment. To focus more on traffic and public transport, many sensors are placed in public spaces, light posts relay information to clever analytical systems that calculate and sift Big Data in real time. With that kind of overview, planners and their programs can adjust flows to eliminate bottlenecks.

    • Implementation of smart cities will provide efficient distribution of resources and seamless communication
    • It will act as sustainable system and preserve the environment from excess of pollution
    • Smart homes has a great potential of saving energy and money
    • Smart homes provides remote access and contribute to the economy growth
    Smart Homes and Cities
    Smart Marketing and automation

    Smart Marketing and automation

    IoT connects numerous devices which we use on a daily basis, and the data generated by these devices are only surging day by day. The marketers can use this data to make smart decisions and leverage their thoughts through it. The world is going digital and every hand has at least one device. Here, IoT lets marketers reach targeted users easily with the help of smart devices and smart advertising. On the other hand,  to monitor your business or work remotely, automation comes in the field, which refers to the ability to program and schedule events for the devices on the network. The programming may include time-related commands, such as having your lights turned on or off at specific times each day.

    Most people are maligner at repetitive work and rarely find it fulfilling, yet tend to cost more than an automated approach. Technology will allow people to focus on more engaging work while reducing consumer costs.

    There is a lot you can explore about IoT and its application and, here are some of  its benefits:

    • Uplift in customers experience as the industry runs on customers and their service satisfaction
    • Enhanced sustainability along with safe backup system
    • Enhances the core competencies and increase revenue