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In the last two decades, technology in the healthcare industry has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered worldwide. It has greatly aided healthcare-related service providers by enhancing the quality of delivery, reduction in turnaround time of workflows, and thus, the overall cost. Further, technology brings accountability into the system.
Advancements in medical technology are playing a positive role in saving lives. The influence of medical technology is all-pervasive – its positive impact is not only limited to the upper crust of society but has also helped the underprivileged people. The role of healthcare IT solutions companies in this domain is indispensable.


Business Intelligence and Quality Reporting

Paradiso helps healthcare payers and providers embrace the data-driven culture, augment data collection, reporting, and business intelligence to transform patient care, harmonize operations and reduce operational costs. Our business intelligence and reporting service guide the payers, providers and healthcare organizations to leverage intelligence-driven decisions to achieve better margins, acquire satisfied services for patients and improve overall healthcare performance. Our BI practice is singularly focused on helping patients, providers, and payers make more sense of their data, helping our customers with actionable intelligence and help them make better healthcare decisions.


Mobility and IoT

From building an integrated platform to leverage data from IoT and mobile devices to solutions. To cover member enrollment, patient monitoring, revenue management, and claims processes. Paradiso offers a wide range of mobility and IoT solutions, which guides payers and providers to embrace digital technologies led by healthcare. We help you leverage mobile apps, intelligent devices, and EMM to deliver the best experience for patients, providers, and payers.

Cloud Environment

At Paradiso, we adopt best practices to build healthcare solutions on cloud, facilitate cloud migration and assure agility through cloud engineering. Our QA specialists bring their expertise to the forefront to ensure that healthcare companies assure the quality of cloud-ready products. Paradiso has the ability to deliver highly scalable and advanced analytics focused solutions in a cloud environment significantly reducing deployment, infrastructure and management costs for healthcare organizations.


Product Engineering

Paradiso brings our healthcare product engineering experience to the fore to work with healthcare payers and providers starting from design to delivery stages and help them nurture intelligent products. We offer the whole gamut of product engineering services – beginning with innovation and design to product development, services, and healthcare product support. Paradiso assists leading healthcare payers and providers launch robust products, improve time to market, optimize product portfolios and bring down costs.

Paradiso’s healthcare product engineering expertise spreads across a range of applications including Patient Monitoring, Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, Clinical Trials Management, Patient portals, Revenue Cycle Management as well as non-clinical applications.

Robotic Process Automation & AI

Paradiso is a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions and frameworks for healthcare organizations, significantly reducing time, effort and error rates for manual intensive processes. Our team of statisticians, data modelers, and business analysts helps the customers with predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI, machine learning, etc. Thus, it results in making better decisions at the point of care, improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

RPA is highly scalable and more bots can be added to the process to perform the task even faster. In order to implement RPA, you don’t have to disturb your current system, which is a huge bonus, and this helps in faster implementation.


Quality Assurance and Automation

Paradiso provides the whole gamut of healthcare testing services including automation and regulatory testing for our customers. Our large library of test frameworks including automation frameworks, scripts, regulatory focused testing processes, etc. helps our customers accelerate time to market significantly.

DevOps and Information Management

Enable faster release cycles, quicker on-boarding of applications with significantly improved processes and automation leveraging Paradiso’s dedicated DevOps team. Additionally, as healthcare organizations become more data-driven, it is important to have a clear strategy to manage all the information being collected/aggregated, etc.


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