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How Cloud ERP Open Source helps in Organization Goal Orientation

ERP software has become a necessity for any organization in the present time, it provides the subtle art of producing magnificent results in favor of an organization. The benefits you’ll get by implementing ERP are by far accentuated on the welfare of the legacy of an organization. On the other hand, it helps you manage different chores related to the corporate world.

ERP provides a definite amount of benefits and facilities to the whole digital platform. It allows enterprises to share data and other information across all functional units, inside and outside the system. This sharing trait within an enterprise helps extensively achieve goals and different objectives.

When it comes to securing data and storing it at a deemed place, cloud systems play a vital role here. With the help of the internet we can store all our crucial data on cloud storage systems. Speaking of Cloud, it is a model that has its own world existence in internet fields. It provides greater scalability, reliability, availability, and low cost of computer re-assurance. Implementation of cloud based ERP offers a great advantage to the organization and eradicate many difficulties in order to accomplish goals.

ERP Cloud Open Source Modules

  • Entrepreneurship (Employment Generation)
  • Smart Sharing
  • Telemedicine (Healthcare)
  • Solar Power
  • eLearning Services
  • Smart Agriculture


Accounting will calculate every aspect covered by an organization to make a profit. This module leads the financial scalability of an organization and helps users to map their investments and accountability on behalf of their productivity and revenue generation. In accounting, GST is the main feature we have offered with the integration of legit sales and other tax services. Paradiso Solutions help you build an integrated atmosphere which leads to an extraordinary growth rate.



In ERP, selling comes with a mapping facility, which allows you to track quotation at any instance. You don’t need to send an email and wait for the response, it is readily available on the system. you can directly generate a quotation chart on the basis of your requirements. By dealing with these features you can optimize your organizations revenue and overcome the issues related to the quotations.

Selling is a module which is incorporated with the presentation of products and services to the buyer or user. On the other hand, it helps conquer the unnecessary obstacles that come between the relationship of the user and the organization.


The stock segment is similar to the inventory of any manufacturing industry. We offer warehouse and pick list as a key point. In the warehouse, the user can check the availability and quality of the products and on the other hand, in the picklist, they can select their products from different manufacturers and save it there for future references. The picklist provides you with the facility to access from anywhere, anytime, it directly gets saved on the cloud from where you can access it seamlessly. The stock facilities help the organization to improve productivity and enhance scalability by keeping track of inventory of their requirements.



Project module is responsible for user engagement for their production mapping. By this, you can keep an eye on the developer and track their worksheets. It facilitates you with the accessibility to manage and make an improvement in the respective system. In this module, you will find all the list of accomplished and upcoming tasks from where you can choose and customize your choice of events.

Our ERP Cloud Open Source provides you the most effective and intelligent solution available in the market, that addresses all your project management requirements and drives operational excellence. This ERP offers the best in town knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage projects, so that you meet or exceed stakeholder


CRM solutions enhance productivity and sort out the administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions, and lets you accentuate on building and maintaining the customer relationships that matter. An effective CRM solution is a multifaceted platform where everything important to developing, improving, and regaining your customer relationships is consumed. If you do not have the support of an integrated CRM solution, there is a chance of revenue loss and opportunities miscarriage. If you’re not focusing on operating processes and making the most of your customer relationships on salesforce it may cause losses. It sums up all the facilities provided by the CRM solution.

Asset Management

Asset management is the module that is responsible for producing, operating, maintaining, and fruitfully selling assets. The term is used about individuals or companies that manage assets on behalf of their organization and other entities.

Any organization can track assets. In that way, the relevant stakeholders will know what assets are available and what can be used to provide optimal returns. Managing assets is a valuable operation for any organization, because in results it enhances productivity and efficiency as well.

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