Fully Customizable Enterprise eCommerce Platform


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Cloud Based eCommerce

Our enterprise eCommerce platform is a cost effective solution for your eCommerce needs. No hardware required and that immediately saves your business thousands of dollars. If your eCommerce needs bend toward the complex end of the spectrum, you must be careful to select a solution that accommodates this complexity. Our enterprise eCommerce platform gives you the freedom to move quickly into many international markets without having to add a lot of IT staff to handle the expansion.

Fully Customizable Templates

With our enterprise eCommerce solution, you get responsive designs that offer a modern, minimalist and streamlined look and feel. All our themes are completely customizable, meaning you can change the HTML and CSS to create a unique brand and user experience. Out-of-the-box fully customizable templates, that are in-line with current design trends.

Intelligent Shopping UX

With properly implemented UX elements, not only will your store look beautiful, but also would make the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers. Besides our enterprise eCommerce platform uses simple, uncluttered design with clear visual queues. Our bottom line is to make it easy for people to self navigate. Why the UX/UI battle…? Because you only have 50 milliseconds to leave a good impression and we are here to help you make it count.

Cart Behaviour and Abandonment

On our enterprise eCommerce platform, you can set up cart behavior to use your local currency. It automatically calculates tax rates based on where your business and buyers are located. Our abandoned cart recovery feature works in the background, sending multiple email reminders and coupons to your customers about their abandoned orders. This and many other cart behavior features come right out of the box in our eCommerce software.

Scalable eCommerce

Don’t get stuck with a platform that limits your range, sell everywhere all the time with our enterprise eCommerce platform. You get to easily enable your eCommerce site to handle more users and sales transactions by allowing addition of more applications and custom work on the fly as needed. Scalability is a key consideration for any eCommerce platform. Reason, it should be capable enough to handle massive spikes in usage during seasonal swings.

Pre-installed Payment Gateways

Our eCommerce platform integrates with many payment gateways like CCAvenue, Billdesk, Citrus Pay, Amazon Payments, Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal etc. These payment gateways provide a simple, fast and secure way to accept payments on your eCommerce site. This module, which is included in our eCommerce Cloud, allows you to receive payments from customers all around the world. The payment gateways we choose meets the PCI compliance ( PCI – DSS ) standards and use a trusted source to meet compliance standards.

Integrated CRM Module

The CRM functionality of our eCommerce platform allows you to store, manage and use customer relationship data to improve your business in specific ways. Sell faster. Track Metrics. Increase Conversions. Automate your marketing by building super smart campaigns in minutes. Our eCommerce CRM system gives you the power to harness your customer data to gain insight into customer behavior, social experience and purchasing habits. This gives your website the power to improve your offerings and increase your sales.

eMail Marketing

When it comes to eCommerce marketing it is advisable to look beyond the traditional email marketing tools. Our eMail marketing automation services  are designed with eCommerce in mind. You can create promotions that sell, nurture your subscribers better and segment your database more effectively with our eCommerce software. Our USP? Automation and event-triggered campaigns – these are very important for eCommerce marketing.

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    eCommerce – On Mobile

    Our mobile eCommerce platform is flexible and scalable for today’s demanding mobile eCommerce applications. It is designed for experiencing ease of deployment with minimal customization. Control your eCommerce business using devices like mobile phones, tablets or desktop. The best part? You get to provide a user-friendly shopping experience even on a 4-inch screen.

    Point of Sale

    Make selling online simple–and far less stressful with our point of sale systems that provides an intuitive management tool with robust functionality. The features include viewing of all sales, inventory and customers. Manage all aspects of your eCommerce business from one beautiful POS dashboard. Clearly track information on sales, customers, visitors and more with robust analytics and reporting.

    WorkFlow Management

    Automation can speed up some of the more tedious aspects of the eCommerce workflow. Maintain an effective business process while ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless back-end operations with eCommerce workflow automation. Reduce human error, labor hours and out of stock fallout and what better than our eCommerce platform for curbing these workflow pitfalls. 

    Integrated Accounting Module

    On our eCommerce software, orders are automatically imported into your accounting system, and customers are kept in sync as well. When it comes to tax time, the in-built accounting system gets up-to-date with all of your information. Try our online accounting solution to track the health and define the road map for your eCommerce business, while ensuring you get accurate and timely accounting reports.

    Integration Ready Architecture

    Close integration between an eCommerce platform and essential business solutions like email marketing tools, accounting software, and social networks can help eCommerce business owners and marketers find success. CRM, Quickbooks, Mailchimp and many more… practically, any of your existing technologies can be integrated with our eCommerce platform.

    Data Security via SSL Certificate

    All the communication between users’ browsers and the eCommerce application/s are sent over SSL/TLS connections. Our SSL certificates come in 128-bit certificate, that has SGC (server grade cryptography) capabilities. An SSL certificate is a key component for a safe, secure eCommerce site. Adding an SSL certificate will protect your business and boost customer confidence by safely encrypting your customers’ most sensitive data. In our eCommerce store, an SSL certificate turns sensitive data into secure code. Plus, it is accepted by all major internet browsers and is the easiest to install.

    Analytics & Reporting

    Our eCommerce portal cen generate exhaustive reports that’ll help you understand built-in sales, order, inventory and customer report, while showing your products are faring. The eCommerce report is the home of all your revenue generation data for your eCommerce site. You get to track all transactions, revenue, eCommerce conversion rate, average order value, unique purchases and quantities, different SKUs, and can be customized to track different parts of your business.