Salesforce eCommerce

Convert Customers from eCommerce to Leads in Salesforce

Salesforce eCommerce – To engage and inspire your Customers

Paradiso delivers flexible, robust eCommerce on Salesforce

Our eCommerce platform runs 100% on the Salesforce Platform. This means you get to share all the products, prices and other customer information of your online store instantaneously with your existing Salesforce database. This translates into all of your management, sales reps and web customers working from a centralized set of data that’s unified which eventually reduces the time required to setting up, integrating, and administering of the online store of your dreams.

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Manage your Sales with Salesforce eCommerce

You get to add a shopping cart and accept card payments via payment gateways using, PayPal and many others. Also, you get the power to manage all your eCommerce products and their prices directly within Salesforce. Result? You have no separate systems or lists to update and monitor. The best part? You get to track eCommerce sales within Salesforce alongside your other sales.

Salesforce powers your eCommerce

It’s your Salesforce database that empowers your eCommerce website. You get to select which all products are available to display on your eCommerce store from your existing product list and this is empowered by Salesforce. You can choose the items that’d get displayed on your website, while specifying the name, description and ratings for your products. You can use Salesforce to set the prices of your product.

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    Increase Sales with Salesforce eCommerce

    Use the data from your eCommerce platform to run targeted marketing campaigns from Salesforce. Funnelize your eCommerce customers according to their buying habits, and use that to create custom marketing email campaigns that would be pin pointed to them. It can be used to upsell or cross sell products to the same target group.

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    Better Customer Service with eCommerce Salesforce

    You can offer better service to your customers with Salesforce for eCommerce. When your eCommerce customers get synced with Salesforce, you can assign them to the sales team for them to follow up on the customers based on the item they’ve purchased. This post purchase follow up would be pivotal in delighting the customers and converting them into repeat customers.

    Increase Sales with Salesforce eCommerce

    Salesforce eCommerce integration not just saves time on the entry of your eCommerce items, but also there is no need to make the entries twice in both the portals. Just make it once and you’ll be done with the entries. Simple enough? Just get it once and you’ll know it can be simpler.

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    Fast, Connected and Scalable enterprise eCommerce integrated with Salesforce

    Our eCommerce portal captures all sales within Salesforce

    Our eCommerce portal uses standard Salesforce objects to track eCommerce sales. This gives you the power to track your eCommerce opportunities to see what your customers are considering and what they bought. Salesforce eCommerce ultimately saves you time and money by using the existing product & price lists you already have.

    Perform all the admin within Salesforce

    Let Salesforce act as the CMS for your eCommerce store. Retrieve all your products, prices and descriptions for your eCommerce store from your standard Salesforce objects. With the eCommerce platform admin management is as simple as drag-and-drop. Selecting and updating the product images for your eCommerce store is all the more easier.

    Track eCommerce in Salesforce

    The magnificent collaboration between eCommerce and Salesforce enables the use of Salesforce Analytics for every part of eCommerce you want to track. You get to add all your eCommerce sales to your existing reports and dashboards in Salesforce. As a result, you can increase sales by using the data from Salesforce to run marketing campaigns, upsell and cross sell your items in your eCommerce store.

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