Paradiso Application Tracking System (ATS)

Hire the best talent in an effective, fast and secure way


Why Application Tracking System?

An Application Tracking System will ease the recruitment, onboarding, training, HR processes of the new employees in your company. Our Application Tracking System is a highly intuitive platform that hosts your content for training, compliance, educational, institutional or corporate matters and keeps a detailed record of the recruitment processes taking place inside your company.

Paradiso Software’s ATS Software makes it easier for your company to get the best talent out there!

Features of ATS Software

Career Sites

Quizzes and Assessments


Recruitment Marketing


Analytics and Reporting

Additional Features of our ATS

Resume Management

Parse resumes, detect duplication and accept resume in all formats, with the resume management feature of our ATS.

Applicant Tracking

Search from candidate profiles, track what stage of the hiring process each of your candidates is in, archive applicants with our best ATS.

Application Forms

Our ATS makes it easy to create the question fields you need to get the right information from candidates. Also, the form will match the look and feel of your website.

Collaborative Recruiting

Built precisely for collaborative hiring, our awesome applicant tracking system helps you create, assign and delegate HR tasks to designated HR professionals.

Email Filters

Use this feature of email filters to get the candidate's resumes to go straight from their inbox to our applicant tracking system.

Simplified Reporting

You get reporting that’s simplified for you to make sense out of it. Export report to excel or draw source reports to understand your applicants better.

Conduct Effective Interviews

Schedule interviews, record your thoughts after you've interviewed candidates, integrate with calendars for schedule sync with our ATS.

Access to HR Information

With our applicant tracking system, you can set viewing and editing privileges for the administrators and other users.

Business Class Software

Robust performance and all the software reliability you need from your ATS. 24/7 support to assist you with all your questions about our ATS.


    Application tracking system benefits and improvements for your company

    Saving time and resources for tedious tasks:

    Automatizing repetitive and tedious tasks that are part of your recruitment development save a long time for recruiters. The application tracking system assists in shortening the labour stipulation time generally by speeding up recruitment development.

    Increased recruiter efficiency:

    The use of application tracking system will help recruiters to be more productive because the largest part of the program is supported by the cloud, which makes it easier for recruiters to work whenever and wherever.

    Progressing the candidate’s experience:

    ATS makes it easy to remove inefficiencies from your recruitment development. You can use satisfaction to ensure that interviews with candidates are scheduled and affirmed, to ensure that each applicant is evaluated in the same way, that the same interview questions are made to him, etc. For the candidates, this means a much more interesting experience for their side.

    Increasing the diversity of candidates:

    An ATS can contribute to companies to make their recruitment development less biased and thus attract a more diverse group of candidates. All candidates go through the same online experience and are evaluated in the functionality of their actions and responses instead of their gender, name, zip code or image. Arguing only in data, an algorithm predicts its possibility of having a triumph at work.


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