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How ERP Accounting Solution fueling the businesses unlock victory

Paradiso’s cloud-based compliant ERP accounting system is equipped with a robust Business Intelligence tool that presents timely reports with accurate data. The reports present actionable information to the users, eliminating presumptions and empowering them to monitor key metrics with ease. 

At some point of time you might need to replace your basic accounting software with an integrated ERP solution and save your business from the counterattack of lost sales and dissatisfied customers! Why do manufacturers need more than accounting software? A leading study reveals that ERP offers company-wide benefits that range from operational, strategic, and organizational advantages. This promotes the improvement in supply chain management boosting profits, reduction in costs, and standardized processes.

ERP system basically integrates entire business data and not just financial entries, to let you have better visibility from everyday operations. Manufacturers need a single ERP system to simplify business processes without having to rely on multiple systems. 

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ERP Accounting Solutions Offers!

Easy Invoicing

Easy Invoicing allows you to send professional invoices to your customers while you are in the field. You can share an invoice on WhatsApp/SMS in one touch with your customer or just take print directly. Invoices are fully customizable; you can choose from various templates, add your company logo, and signature to the invoice or even you can add goods and services to the same invoice. Here are some key features of Easy Invoicing:

  • One-Click e-Invoice generation and cancellation from ERP Accounting
  • Validate and Print E-Invoices (with QR code) 
  • Auto Accounting of purchase invoices directly into ERP
  • Autofill Data for e-Way Bill generation and GST return filing
  • Real-time alerts for e-invoice update

Inventory Management and Warehouse

Paradiso’s powerful inventory management allows for total inventory control. You can keep a track of inventory, send goods invoices, order optimum quantities, reduce damages. It also helps deal with stock issue, stock wastage, and manufacturing journals. Insightful inventory reports help you track inventory easily.

The system tracks the movement of every stock item such as the item received, picked, packed and shipped.

There are huge time-saving implications of using an ERP inventory management system. Managing operations using a centralized system not only cuts down on double-handling but also allows for automation of daily tasks. This translates to increased production and more accurate output in less time. 

Here is some more to explore in Inventory Management and Warehouse:

  • Stock tracking and management
  • Sales and purchase order management
  • Multi-channel order fulfillment
  • Warehouse management and stock transfers
  • B2B eCommerce functionality
  • Payment gateway functionality
  • Integrations with eCommerce, accounting, shipping, and other operational tools
  • Intelligence reports and analytics

E-Commerce Integration

After receiving an online order, manually entering sales orders and customer information into ERP is prone to errors. In such tasks, less manual interventions leads to better outcomes.

Integrating ERP and eCommerce sites introduce a whole lot of automated tasks and scheduled data sharing between them. Also, with increasing online sales and demand, having a sophisticated store becomes a necessity.

Benefits of E-Commerce Integration:

  • Reduces human efforts thus saves time.
  • It is effective and efficient in managing Inventory synchronization, Customer Information, and Order Management.
  • Automatically notifies the customer when the orders are out for delivery in real-time
  • Automatically updates the Product information, Product price, and Quantity in E-Commerce sites.
  • Acts as a centralized repository for maintaining the data in both online and offline sales.
  • Prevents data duplication

Comprehensive Reports

Paradiso delivers a powerful financial reporting solution to assist you with better decisions-making. It streamlines every step of the financial process. As it provides meaningful, comprehensive, and highly customizable financial and management reports, transforming information and analysis into answers, action, and business success.

  • Create custom formatted financial reports to meet the needs of decision-makers at every level in your organization
  • View reports on screen using the Drill-Down Viewer. Drill-Down from financial summary information into account and transaction details
  • E-mail reports to remote users
  • Export and import reports and data to and from Microsoft Excel and many commercially available spreadsheets
  • Include complex calculations including conditional “If, Then” statements in your reports
  • Drag and drop units in your reporting tree to see the financial effect of restructuring
  • Create virtual roll-up structures, that do not exist in your chart of accounts
  • Prepare and distribute presentation-quality reports using customized fonts, colors, and other formatting options
  • Report on both posted and unposted activity 
  • Compare items like revenue and expense figures for different departments through the creation of side by side comparison reports

Data Safety and Security

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Your features improve while your data stays private. Invoices, the amount, the customers/vendor phone number, the transactions, everything. The clients data and action stays with the clients memory wallet. We don’t store any of your data, We don’t sell/share your data with anyone else. Paradiso Open Source ERP Software in offline mode, stores your data locally in your device. If you are using sync features, your data is synced across devices using your personal Dropbox account.



Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence in ERP systems allows an organization to analyze and leverage massive data that is captured by the ERP software. The BI software uses the data, analyzes it, and represents it in an actionable and easy to interpret format.

The critical elements of BI include:

  • Data Analysis: It is one of the core elements of BI, where the information collected from various functions of an organization is helpful to analyze and guide management decisions.
  • Legacy Data: With a credible BI tool, the legacy data collected from various other processes or software can be analyzed appropriately. Without a useful BI tool, it is hard to explain the legacy data.

Trends & Patterns: With the right tools in place, organizations can illuminate trends and patterns from the collected data and help make quick decisions.

Add-On Create your report

If you know a little bit of database and XML, you can create your own customized reports and it will work just like inbuilt reports. You can export these reports to Excel, convert to PDF or take a printout. Our users can contact some developers, create multiple addons and give it to their users and customize their Paradiso’ ERP experience.


Top Benefits of ERP Accounting

Business Benefits

  • Analyze business growth with built-in business intelligence tools
  • Combine multiple reports from different modules
  • Get a quick view of your business even on the move on the executive dashboard
  • Improve responsiveness to activities that impact your business
  • Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool

Functional Benefits

  • Accessibility of the dashboard on a mobile device
  • Integrated Business Intelligence
  • Alerts-customized as per user’s requirements
  • Dashboard interface for each user
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) definition

Technical Benefits

  • Available on MS-SQL
  • n Tier Architecture allows online remote access and supports Load balancing
  • The Focus on web (FOW) client interface works on Unix/Linux platform
  • A mobile dashboard on iOS and Android devices
  • Active X Application Programming Interface (API) allows external integration
  • The technical manual provided with Paradiso’s ERP is a complete data dictionary.

The Closing Thoughts!

ERP allows you to procure better visibility and control of operations resulting in substantial cost savings. You have already gone through with innumerable reasons why manufacturing businesses are using an Open Source ERP Software system for accounting. The primary benefit is that the fragmented business processes become consolidated into ERP databases’ real-time visibility of everyday work processes. If you intend to invest in an ERP accounting software or Open Source ERP Software for Manufacturing, feel free to contact us and we can share more insights. You may also request a free demo anytime!

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