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Paradiso ERP adapts to the size of your company and grows along with it.


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Paradiso Best ERP for Small Business

Our Open Source ERP is a solution for modern users. This Free-code software is the best ally to run all your company assets, manage budget and much more. The best part? You have at disposal the entire code of the platform for you to customize and create your own ERP system that adapts to the size of your company.

Also, we have developed a really easy-to-use platform, with features showed in the dashboard as a series of apps, designed for those people that might not have the time or the knowledge to deal with more technical kind of software.

This makes our software solution a perfect choice in terms of functionality, adaptability, scalability and pricing for those small companies looking for a solution that helps them automate their internal processes, from start to end, without having to spend millions on it.

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Which are the ERP main characteristics that will fit perfectly with your Small business?

CRM inside your ERP

Our ERP comes with a wide set of functionalities that will provide your training company with all the tools to increase productivity. Besides, you get to attract new clients, close your course sales faster, while building your customers and students loyalty by creating profitable and long-lasting links. You will also benefit massively on email marketing, text messages and regular mail sending through automation of all these and other sales processes.

LMS inside your ERP

With our ERP Learning Management System Integration, your company will get the amazing features of Paradiso LMS, bound tightly with Paradiso ERP. Both platforms will establish a channel of communication giving you an unprecedented hold on your training initiatives. You’ll ensure your students are getting adequately trained while getting to manage your training budget efficiently.


Our ERP solves scheduling problems by programming the calendars online at any time. Another benefit this solution brings is that you get to avoid mix-ups by easily keeping staff calendars in sync. Also, you can easily and accurately track absenteeism, vacations and time off.

Project Management

Our ERP offers the best in knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques required to manage projects so that you meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. You can record goals and milestones and map them against actual performance. Truly, our ERP for small business is a holistic project management software that ensures you will have a tight grip over your project developments.

Performance Management

It becomes easy for the HR personnel to get an insight into the performance of the employees, courtesy of our performance management software. Also, based on the data gathered from the performance management software, the management can plan and design employees’ work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. Performance management is not just your regular annual performance review, it should go beyond and become more of an ongoing process. Setting the objectives, assessing progress and providing continuous coaching and feedback form with an integral part of performance management that ensures employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.

Workflow Management

Automate work and reduce chaos with the number of workflow software that comes with our ERP. Our workflow management software is the preferred choice of online workflow tool that meets the needs of training company workflow automation seamlessly. This comes as a ready to use tool that can be set up in minutes as against the legacy software that requires huge investments and takes days to set up. The simple workflow software with its intuitive UI makes designing workflow process a joy.

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    ERP for small business capabilities


    • Real-time accounting experience
    • Accounts chart
    • Daily account manager and payments manager
    • Billing and Pricing
    • Invoicing
    • Banking
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - HR & Payroll

    HR & Payroll

    • Recruitment
    • Data Management
    • Training
    • Payroll
    • Expense Management
    • Attendance and Leave Management
    • Customization Options


    • Production Management
    • Billing
    • Sub-contracting
    • Product Management
    • Inventory
    • Resources Manager
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Manufacturing
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Sales & Billing

    Sales and Billing

    • Sales dashboard
    • Items management
    • References and lots tracker
    • eCommerce
    • Templates
    • Marketing Tools
    • Receipts
    • Customer portal
    • Supplier portal
    • Invoicing
    • Customization


    • Dashboard
    • Interactions
    • Sales Manager
    • Templates
    • Marketing assets
    • Customizations
    Open Source ERP capabilities - CRM
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Projects


    • Workspace
    • Task Manager
    • Chat
    • Storage
    • Email templates
    • Profitability Analysis
    • Time optimization
    • Customer dashboard
    • Customization options


    • Real-time insights
    • Ticket support
    • Customer access
    • Maintenance
    • Documents
    • Customization Options
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Helpdesk
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Asset Management

    Asset Management

    • Asset lifecycle and Inventory
    • Asset Purchasing
    • Asset Selling
    • Asset Scrapping
    • Reports
    • Customization Options


    • Responsive Design
    • SEO
    • Blogging
    • Forms
    • Support Chat
    • SSO
    • Multilingual solution
    Open Source ERP capabilities - Portal

    In Paradiso, we attend your requirements and understand that making a choice is no easy task.
    Let us guide you through the desition making by setting up demos with some of the ERP companies in the market that could suit you and choose Paradiso, the best open-source ERP NOW!


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    Open Source ERP extra Benefits

    • Monolith ERP System
    • 550+ Tables
    • Core Modules
    • Multi Domains
    • 100+ Countries
    • 200+ Contributors

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