UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant

A better way to keep your surrounding disinfected with UV-C (Ultraviolet) Rays



What are UV-C (Ultraviolet) Rays ?

Nowadays, cleaning your surrounding (means killing-off 99.9% of bacteria and viruses) without using any chemical is a hectic chore. Due to the dynamics of the technological space, UV-C (Ultraviolet) Rays has emerged as a prominent solution for providing ease in sanitization.

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant

It is an apparatus that can potentially sanitize high tech surfaces like electronic equipment, computers, and also entire laboratories, and offices, which can not be easily sanitized using conventional methods. This equipment is proven to be useful for places with large gatherings like airports, railway stations, bus stations, shopping malls, hotels, and offices, etc. This piece of exemplary machinery is designed & developed by DRDO.

The device’s disinfection time is about 10 minutes for a room size of 12×12. On the other hand, it takes almost 30 minutes for an area of 400 square feet to sanitize the whole room while placing the machine in various parts of the room for optimum disinfection.



UV box

UV Disinfection Box

We come across various essential objects daily, and these are from unavoidable surface contact, which causes unknown infections and diseases. UV Disinfection Box helps sanitize your primary objects, vegetables, beverages, and essential grocery to provide human-safety. It can also be used for the disinfection of office documents and papers, material stores, courier services, and bank cashiers, etc. It is designed in such a way that there is no UV leakage, and anyone can operate it with ease. UV Disinfection Box is available in different sizes according to the purpose of work. The particular operation shows indication and has a predetermined un-altered timer to sanitize objects.  

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant in Action

Features Offered By UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant

Non-Contact Faster Surface Disinfection Based on UVC

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant provides an efficient way of sanitization that consumes less time than the other traditional competitive options available in the market, without any human intervention at the surface level.  



Non contact
360 degree illumination

360-Degree Illumination

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Rays disinfects its surrounding with the help of high power UV lights and sanitizes the entire area covered. This successful application helps in eradicating all the (99.9%) germs and viruses prevailing in the premises efficiently with 360-degree Illumination. 

360-Degree Sensor for Human Safety

The UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant has an inbuilt 360˚ Sensor for human safety; The system is capable of shutting down itself after coming into any human contact. It is specially designed, keeping in mind the safety of the device operator and others.



360 degree sensor
Audio-Visual alarm

Audio and Visual Safety Alarm

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant comes with the facility to provide proper safety for the operator and the other people, in Audio and Visual format. Whenever it identifies the intervention or any obstacle, it beeps the sound and, at the same time, fluctuates the light continuously. This feature helps lower the chances of unwanted accidents and other issues that might harm the human body.

Wireless 10m Operating Distance

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant has a feature that it can be operated by any smart-phone within a distance of 10m. This smart device can be android, windows, or iOS. It provides hassle-free control and implementation of a device from a distance. 



Wireless Operating
Easy to carry

Easy to Carry

UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant indigenous compact design provides ease of mobility and doesn’t take up more storage space, may it be an office, house, or a vehicle. 

Inbuilt Memory

The UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant has inbuilt memory to store log information to help security auditing of disinfection to cross-check whether the room is clean or not. Besides, it will also create a record of abrupt human entry happening during the disinfection process. By looking at the memory log of date/time, the user can ensure the room is clean or not, and carry out the disinfection cycle.



Inbuilt Memory

Application of UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant

  • Nursing Homes, Clinic
  • Outpatient Surgery Centers
  • Physicians Offices, Ambulance
  • Patient Rooms, Waiting Rooms
  • Testing Laboratories, Operation Theater
  • Ventilator Clinics & Kennels
  • Passenger Flights & Bus, Train & Metro
  • Airport, Metro Station & Banks
  • Schools-Classrooms, Food Processing
  • Detention Centers, Homeless Shelters
  • Shopping Complex, Movie Theaters & Malls
  • Hotel Rooms, Lockers Rooms & Restaurant

Benefits of UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant

One of the most immediate benefits of UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant is that the method is entirely chemical-free. Not only does this make the process inexpensive, it means little equipment maintenance is required.

As far as environmental benefits, UV-C (Ultraviolet) Ray Disinfectant also delivers a collection of perks. Investing in UV light sanitation equipment can guarantee less money. After all, it doesn’t matter how green and environmentally conscious cleaning supplies are, if they still have to be trucked over to your establishment.

We also offer customized solutions such as

  • Tunnels
  • Conveyor belt
  • Custom size boxes
  • Ceiling mounted UV equipment
  • Robotic UV

Help Making your Surroundings Safe with UV Ray Disinfectant!