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Build your own CRM system from scratch to adapt your special employee management needs.


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Choose Paradiso as your Custom CRM provider for the right reasons

We understand your special needs

At Paradiso Solutions, we understand that companies’ needs vary widely and that no two companies are alike. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that Paradiso CRM serves as a fully customizable customer relationship manager, which can be tailor-made to fit your exact business needs.

We work hand-by-hand with your staff

We work closely with your company to identify your requirements, from the number of users, to how you want your branding set up, to whether you want your custom CRM to integrate with popular applications to push it up a notch.

We are flexible to adapt to your company

The key to our approach is flexibility. We want to understand you and show you how your custom CRM can be shaped to your needs, and how custom development could be the key to unlocking the potential of your staff and stakeholders.

Paradiso Custom CRM Features

Customizable UI

As well as branding and colour, Paradiso custom CRM gives organizations the ability to change the layout of the user interface through the “Lego system”, where the different blocks of the UI can be dragged and dropped wherever you want them.

Custom Branding CRM

In Paradiso CRM you can upload your own logo and branding to your custom CRM. Change the look and feel of your custom CRM by changing the colour and design. This also applies to documents or certificates.


Multi-Tenancy or extended enterprise further develops the potential for CRM customization by allowing organizations to create separate versions of the CRM – each with their own unique branding, customizations and colour scheme – under one CRM instance. This is perfect for channel partners, vendors or different departments.

Fully Customizable Reports

With Paradiso CRM you have the freedom to customize your reports in any way you like, covering just one, several or all tenants.

100+ Integrations

Increase the power of your custom CRM even further through a range of integrations that can make the employee management process more efficient but also smooth. Paradiso CRM integrates with other platforms like LMS, eCommerce and group collaboration tools like SharePoint and Adobe Connect.

Custom files and documentation

Get your branding and corporate image in your official documents with Paradiso CRM platform. Also, you will be able to provide tailored pieces to your customers according to their behaviour, tenant, type of document, etc. and that way male a more effective and engaging process.

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Build your CRM from scratch and make it a more engaging platform for employees and customers with Paradiso.

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A CRM that fits your business

Besides managing your sales processes, our CRM software can even go as far as triggering the workflow to other departments based on the recent activity performed with contacts, companies or customers in your database.

This state of the art system also facilitates direct communication for sales or marketing purposes, while it provides you with valuable data in the form of graphics, plus additional tools that will help your collaborators perform better and identify opportunities faster.

Aditional benefits of Paradiso custom CRM

  • Foster customer relationships
  • Increase the capacity to close deals
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Client service performance highly increasing
  • Your sales agents will be more proactive
  • Better ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Cost Savings
  • Decreased customer desertion

After implementing a CRM system businesses have seen their revenue increase up to 41 % and you can do the same.