Build strong relations with customers, prospects
and collaborators using one single CRM system.

Increase your sales with the Paradiso CRM

Your customers will always be located at the center of your business and we know it, that’s why we are determined to developing cloud based systems that allow you to focus on what matters and make it easy for you and your collaborators to do a great job.

Our unique CRM approach will give you a general perspective of your business contacts and will allow you to make strategic decisions to keep your team on track, whether you’re looking for a small business CRM or one that can take you to the next level, the Paradiso CRM will adapt to your needs.

You can increase your sales and streamline your business processes with our cloud-based CRM

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Best CRM Features 

We want to make sure that you build better customer relations the easy way; that’s why we have equipped our cloud CRM with key features.

Turn your prospects into customers and take customers one step further with the Paradiso CRM.

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A CRM that fits your business

Besides managing your sales processes, our CRM software can even go as far as triggering workflow to other departments based on recent activity performed with contacts, companies or customers in your database.

This state of the art system also facilitates direct communication for sales or marketing purposes, while it provides you with valuable data in the form of graphics, plus additional tools that will help your collaborators perform better and identify opportunities faster.

Increase your sales with Paradiso CRM Software

We offer two plans with our custom CRM

  • Lite CRM

  • The Lite version is the ideal small business CRM; it features all the basic tools to get on track and build strong customer relations.

  • CRM 360°

  • Our CRM gives you a 360 degree view of your customers: access invoices, projects, helpdesk tickets, survey information and more from a single platform.

After implementing a CRM system businesses have seen their revenue increase up to 41 % and you can do the same.